Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes don't have to be Hokey!

Our Founder, Carolyn, spent years studying the original scenic techniques in College and she has spent years applying them in a modern way.

No more repetitive spongeing! We are using these old school techniques and applying them in modern ways. We have produced finishes like faux rust, faux concrete, faux wood and marble. 

We can re-create any type of texture from faux Venetian Plaster to all sorts of Metallics. 

Book a consult, let's talk about it. And then we will come up with sample boards for you -so you can see the look first before fully committing!

Let's Get Started

Sample Board


Our clients wanted a Faux Rust Wall and here they are showing off their approved sample.

Working Away


Carolyn & Leslie working on layering and light for the faux rust wall.

FInished Product

The Faux Rust Wall in all of its glory! Copper, oxides and a wax finish.

Copper, Gunmetal black, and wax to get the finish for the Faux Rust wall just right!