Interior & Exterior Painting

Cut Lines! Cut Lines! Cut Lines!

A good painter knows how to cut beautiful lines without using tape. 

This is our favourite thing about painting. We use special brushes to get every line looking SHARP!

It's the thing that matter most to us. 

We are also proud to ensure consistent quality on each and every one of our jobs. Leslie and Carolyn run one crew each and every single day of the job we are there painting alongside our crew member. This allows us to ensure 100% of the time that every single detail is correct (from ensuring the appropriate colour and finish is correct, to ensuring the job is left even cleaner than we found it, to making sure there are zero touch-ups because we all know you can't just touch up paint).

Painting A Feature Wall: Step By Step


Prep is essential to every paint job.

We take care of all the sanding, filling and caulking before painting.


Every edge is meticulously looked over before and between each coat to ensure the smoothes finish possible.


Your finished walls should look flawless and we expect nothing less.